Astrology with Trudy

New Year Readings now available.
We need Birth Time, Birth Place and Birth Date.
If you can find your birth time, great! 
Check your birth certificate, baby books, and ask relatives if they remember.
If not, we can work with just place and date.
and... just date and general area on earth the individual was born is ok too!​
We offer readings at the shop or by phone/skype...631-935-2714

-Includes a Gemstone crystal to support your chart.
-Recording options are available, your welcome to use your i-phone.
-Copy of your chart 
                                          -Mantra to support your chart if requested.                                     
​Whats going on for you right now? Thru insights revealed by your chart, you can begin to move thru obstacles and gain new insight.
Check out where the planets were when you were born, and an entire story unfolds.  It holds specific information about the current trends, and also helps reveal patterns that can unfold in your future. 
It helps with timing of events and understanding the past.
We include info on Dashas : planetary time periods as old as the Vedas. This system a magical predictive tool tested thru time. 
It will help refine your understanding of areas of life you are
 dealing with.

Nakshatras: bring an entire layer of subtle information from the star clusters that fall with in the zodiac, and this is what makes Indian Astrology so accurate.

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Simple questions: $85
Commonly referred to as Synastry reports
or Kuta and Kuja Dosha in Jyotish.
As you can see from the chart below theres a lot of energy that gets mapped between two charts in an astrological reading. 

​A reading can show the relationship of each charts
 Moon, revealing their emotional connection.
Venus connection reveals love and relating,
 Mars, the vitality, 
Saturn, brings karma or lessons, connection thru time and challenges, 
Jupiter connections are opportunity and grace and protection, 
Mercury reveals communications.

​Connections of these planets and Transits effecting these areas offer tell tale signs about your compatibility with another person. 
It can also show timing of events between the two people.
These are discussed and layered with what each individual chart holds as well.

You can gain a better understanding of each other, not only how your charts work together, but also how your charts are working alone.

Current transits can bring fortune or challenge to a relationship.

See whats up in your relationship in the future transits as well.

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